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Alexandra Belkina Senior editor

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
VeriFace is a piece of software for identifying a person's digital image using a Lenovo IdeaPad. This face-recognition software is usually used in security systems, but Veriface is mainly suitable for enhanced Windows log-in actions or for various file encryption and decryption purposes.
For optimal usage it should be installed on Windows XP Home or Professional systems. This application uses a powerful facial recognition algorithm that analyzes size, position, shape, eye color, jaw dimension and other characteristics of a face from an image. Then, the algorithm uses mathematical functions to compare the data of the acquired images with the data of the images already scanned and stored in a database. It recognises your face using the mathematical algorithms of the image comparison process, then it will log you in automatically to your computer.

The advantage of this method is that no password is needed and no other person will be able to log in to your computer except you. VeriFace is also very useful for encrypting files. The procedure is similar to the log-in process excepting the capture window. You also need a capture of your facial image, but in this case it is used as a file encryption password. Only you will be able to open and read a file encrypted with VeriFace.

In conclusion, this hi-tech application will provide you system security, and system files security with the most advanced algorithm.


  • Truly reliable encryption capabilities


  • Works only on Lenovo computers

Publisher's description

VeriFace is a facial recognition software which can do:
- Windows Login
- Leaving a video message
- Login log review
- File encryption/decryption

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  All comments (5)
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    Guest Last month

    Does it save face images of all people who used my laptop?

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    Donald Krebs 2 years ago
    — Veriface need update
    Pros: really slick when it works. Fast and ...geeky. Fun
    Cons: needs lots of light, cannot improve image, seldom works in normal conditions

    I added another web-cam I had laying around and Veriface works lots better. I decided the Lenovo built-in camera is not very good, but then I did several video phone calls through Google and the built-in worked great.
    I believe the Veriface program needs an update. Or the version that came with the laptop is not 64 bit, needed by my machine and Windows 7. I tried downloading drivers from Lenovo support, but it's a crappy site. Timed out before I could get drivers or software update.

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    Devon Victory 3 years ago
    — Great what to log in.
    Pros: Stepping up technology and looking less hood.
    Cons: Sometimes I use digital passwords over Veriface

    I have to say with the reality of my feelings this is my belief to the next phase of society. I like being able to scan my face to log into my computer instead of a password. And I also Like how this software is designed where people can leave video messages for you when they are by your computer and not logged in. This kind of technology gets a plus in my eyes. You can also use this program for video recording, like other video recording devices. If you try hard enough.

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